Su, the owner of VA Quilting, is a member of the Fairfax and Vienna chapters of Quilters Unlimited.











Machine Edge to Edge (E2E) - Computerized Edge-to-Edge quilting staring at $.0175 per square inch. These are moderately dense and can be seen on the Sample Patterns page.

Custom Quilting - Averages about $0.06 per square inch, but varies widely. This can be as unique as your quilt with multiple designs fitting every element of the quilt top using a mix of free-motion and/or computer designs. Final price will be based on the quilt depending on the complexity of the design, density of the quilting, number of thread changes, etc.

Width x Length = Cost Service
          Machine E2E @ $0.02
Minimum $35   Custom - Average @ $.08
    Custom - Complex @ $.15

Other Services

Binding - Machine stitched to the front of the quilt (ready for you to hand finish) at 10 cents per linear inch. Hand finished for you at 30 cents per inch.

Top Pressing - $15 up to Twin size, $20 for larger.

Backing Preparation - One seam free. Additional Seams & Washing $10 each.

Hanging Sleeve - at same time as binding, 20 cents per linear inch. Attached to a finished quilt, 40 cents per linear inch.

Basting - For hand quilters or home machine quilters, 1 cent per square inch. Basting is done in rows and columns over the entire quilt in 3 to 4 inch blocks. Large stitches are easy to remove once your quilting is completed.

Batting - I carry the full line of Quilters Dream batting for my quilting customers at special discounted prices.

Final Trimming - as a convenience, I trim the batting and backing after quilting, so your completed quilt is ready for binding. All the trimmed pieces are returned with the quilt. This is a free service - let me know if you do not want the quilt trimmed.


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